Q&A with Holly Williams | El Paso County Commissioner

Originally posted at Colorado Politics:

CP: What’s the greatest challenge that will face the El Paso County Commission this year?

Williams: The world has changed in four weeks. All levels of government will suffer a big sales tax revenue decrease. We will have to make budget cuts, but we do not know the extent of these cuts. Capital projects will be delayed, and we may need to dip into our reserve funding. Efforts are already underway to reduce overcrowding in our buildings (DMV and Social Services) and enforce social distancing when we do open back up to the public. Our TABOR base calculation will shift down due to the lack of revenue coming in — so we are back to tightening our belts for a few more years until we have an economic recovery. As a leader, it will be frustrating, but compared to individuals who are facing personal financial crisis, county government will survive.

CP: Will you ever seek another political office after you leave the commission?

Williams: Honestly, this is the most challenging and rewarding job I have had — even when I make mistakes or make hard decisions. I have always had a keen interest in local government and in state government. I would like to seek a second term as county commissioner and then move on from there. I would not rule out a county-wide elected office (clerk, assessor, or treasurer) or the state legislature. Being in a family with two elected politicians has its challenges and requires balance between what Wayne is doing and what I would like to do.


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